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Manga "Dead Account" (available on Kodansha Magapoke) pop-up store at Ikebukuro loft, Sakae loft, Umeda loft, Moyuk Sapporo loft, Tenjin loft, and Yokohama loft

Manga Dead Account by Shizumu Watanabe (available on Kodansha Magapoke)
pop-up store is open at 6 loft locations!
Various items newly illustrated by him and other original illustrations will be available.
We look forward to seeing you at our store!

Date & Locations

Ikebukuro Loft

2024/06/07(Fri) - 2024/06/23(Sun)

Sakae Loft

2024/06/12(Wed) - 2024/06/26(Wed)

Umeda Loft

2024/07/06(Sat) - 2024/07/22(Mon)

Moyuk Sapporo Loft

2024/07/06(Sat) - 2024/07/23(Tue)

Tenjin Loft

2024/08/02(Fri) - 2024/08/16(Fri)

Yokohama Loft

2024/08/02(Fri) - 2024/08/18(Sun)

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More Information

About events & goods → https://www.muzzle.co.jp/dead-account/loft20240607/