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EVENT World Trigger

【Update】TV anime "World Trigger" pop-up store is open at Loft!

TV anime “World Trigger” pop-up store will be held at 6 stores of The Loft from Friday, Jan 7, 2022! Many Valentine-themed items will be available!

Date & Locations

Loft Nagoya

2022/01/07(Fri) - 2022/01/27(Thu)

Sapporo Loft

2022/01/12(Wed) - 2022/01/25(Tue)

Umeda Loft

2022/02/05(Sat) - 2022/02/25(Fri)

Umeda Loft

2022/02/10(Thu) - 2022/03/01(Tue)

Shibuya Loft

2022/03/10(Thu) - 2022/03/31(Thu)

Tenjin Loft

2022/03/15(Tue) - 2022/03/31(Thu)

Online shop


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More Information

About events & goods → https://www.muzzle.co.jp/world-trigger/loft20220107/